Paper Flower Art

I created this paper rose to commemorate Korean Independence day 2020. COVID19 has kept a lot of us down and stranded at home, I wanted to bring something bright, colorful and a mix of Korea to keep in touch with my Korean roots and my new found art form. Hope this resonate with the Korean Canadians in Toronto and in Canada while uplifting their moods virtually from all the lockdown of 2020. 




For this piece, I have lovingly worked on, was inspired by the beauty and style of traditional Korean art, also known as minhwa. I have used natural colours and symbols of nature with the usage of present art techniques to create a painting that brings both the past and present together. The simplicity of the water colouring painting represents how it is through simple actions that we share love. Through this painting, I wanted to share the beauty and the remains of traditional Korean art.


Photography Series

A 29 year old programmer than loves all things art. I’m a photographer, an illustrator, a designer, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Absolutely loved Korea when I went and want to share the memories I had there with my photos and art. 


My Culture Found2.GIF


Moving Image: 미인도  (Korean Beauty)

As a second-generation immigrant in Canada, this makes me able to identify with both of my cultures, Korean and Canadian. However, living in Canada it was hard to view my Korean culture specifically, as many aspects such as style, tradition, and values were different. Therefore, in my piece 미인도  (Korean Beauty), I decided to represent the traditional Korean culture in a way that would fit in the present time. Using a popular magazine used in Korea, this editorial piece uses an image of my own personal rendition of the original 미인도.  A well known traditional painting created by 신윤복  (Shin Yun-bok) who is a renowned painter during the Joseon Dynasty. Additionally, Korea's national flower, 무궁화 (Mugunghua), is utilized in the background. All writing present in the cover is in English in hopes of spreading the traditional Korean culture into Canada. 



I was a competitive figure skater for 13 years and competed internationally for Canada. I have also performed on Royal Caribbean cruise ships for a year. Currently I am a dance student at Centennial College, experienced in a variety of dance styles and a coach and choreographer on the ice. I enjoy performing, teaching, photography, music and the outdoors. I hope to intertwine my two professions with figure skating and dance in the future and positively influence as many people as I can whether it would be choreographing, performing or helping others.

I am a 23 year-old Peruvian art student. Originally trained in the academic tradition of realist painting, I moved to Toronto to continue my art journey and fulfill the dream of becoming an independent illustrator. My first time going through art school taught me a lot but I left a little disappointed having experienced that the aesthetic values I respected were not appreciated. While on break from art school, it was Korean culture what gave me back hope. Through it, I realized that things such as attention to detail, hard work and the pursue of excellence were still important… if only in the right place. For that reason, I decided to study art in Korea but, even after a long time of language training, I wasn’t able to go. I ended up coming to Canada and, looking back, I believe it was the right match for me. Now I get to experience the beauty of Toronto’s diversity and, whenever I need it, I can have a  little taste of Korea jut around the corner. 


My name is Cynthia Wong, and I am a recent graduate from the University of Toronto (UofT) with a specialist in business and marketing. I am 24 years old Chinese-Canadian, and have grown up in Toronto all my life! However, I have been a huge fan of Korean culture since I was in grade 4 (mainly due to the Hallyu), so through this opportunity, I wanted to create a digital illustration/poster to promote all the unique and fun aspects of Korea and its culture that I've come to really respect and love over the years! ​

This is a digital illustration that I created to summarize what I personally believe symbolizes Korea and makes the country such a refreshing, beautiful and inclusive place to live in and visit. Items in the illustration include South Korea's national symbols like the Korean magpie, the Hibiscus syriacus, the Siberian tiger, Paektu Mountain, and Taekwondo. In addition to that, I included other famous and well-known elements of the Korean culture, including the food (Bibimbap, kimbaps, rice cakes and  bungeoppang), drinks (soju), the clothing (hanbok), and the music (through the drum, musical notes, and the purple heart which is commonly identified with the well-known kpop group BTS)! Focusing more on the background of the artwork, we can see a wave of blue semi-circles to symbolize water, to show the fact that Korea is a beautiful peninsula surrounded by water. Lastly, the colours used in the background have also been specifically chosen to emphasize the nation's colours - red, blue and white. Overall, the artwork was created with the idea of promoting Korea and its culture to a broad target audience, and to ultimately gain their interest in learning more - hence the tagline "Yours To Explore".